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Trying to Get Home from China; or, the Trip to Hades Revisited

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks. And it was over. Time to go home…

Stan and I left the Venice Hotel early and caught a cab to the Shekou Ferry Terminal. Well, we sorta caught one. The cabline boss put us in it, anyway. But the driver was nowhere […]

Reading, Writing, and Regional Cooking: Guizhou Style Chinese

Stan and I were done with our planned site visits, but not with the paperwork. Yes, even in tropical China, there’s always paperwork. So we ate a hearty breakfast, knowing full well that even the condemned get to eat something. The buffet was well stocked, and I tried out more of the Chinese goodies […]

Third Site’s a Charm: One Last Cantonese Feast

Wednesday’s a special day on this trip. We made our last site visit! We saved the “best” for last. At least the longest, anyways. We visited a factory in Guangzhou, which is nearly two hours from Shenzhen one-way.

My previous visit to Guangzhou involved the same factory, nearly three years ago. I have some interesting […]

Rainy Tropical China, and a Great Cantonese Feast

The sun comes up early in Shenzhen, and today it brought rain with it. In fact, a deluge. So much rain it had to get an early start, and the thunder and lightning preceded first light by about an hour. That left plenty of room for a second big storm to hit as dawn […]

Visiting Tropical China: Paradise is Where You Find It

Today I got an early start, preparing for the first supplier site visit of the trip. I met Stan at 0700 for breakfast and strategy. The breakfast buffet was outstanding; the strategic planning, not so much. Oh, we covered a nice variety of topics. Since this is a totally new effort, though, we’re not […]

Next Stop, Hades, Part Deux: Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, Oh Boy!

The Roadtrip to Hell Great China Expedition continues from previous post…

Six hours later I was in line to load up. I peeked out the window at our aircraft: A brand-spanking new, Boeing 777-300ER. Not the expected “Queen of the Skies,” my favorite 747. Oh well, I like the Triple-Seven well enough. Just so I […]

Next Stop, Hades; or How I Spent My Summer Vacation Trying to Get to Hong Kong, Part One

Today I attempted the impossible, or so it seemed at the time: I set out on a (relatively normal) business trip to China via Chicago and Hong Kong…

I got up at 3 A.M., as I needed to be at the airport at oh-dark-milddle-of-the-night to catch a United Airlines flight to Chicago. Which brings about […]

Fish 4 Friday: Dill, Tomato and Wine Sauce

A quick post today; lots of stuff happening, and the trip to China is just around the corner!

Sometimes, even bold fish can come out, well, a bit bland. The way chefs solve this problem is to build a bold pan sauce and pour it over the dish. Here’s one such sauce that works great […]