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Home Again, Resting and Remembering

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

Abbey Ruins

Today was very hard. Just getting out of bed, after yesterday’s mad dash (and six extra hours due to time-zone relocations), was Very Hard. Realizing we’re not in Ireland anymore, well, that was the Hardest of All…

It was fun, though. Grand, glorious fun! All the tasty pub grub; touring around Dublin, then travelling most of the southern half of Ireland; Guinness everywhere; pictures and more pictures. Being chauffered about for days on end in a big Mercedes limo, with a driver that really, really knew what to see. What we wanted to see, whether we really knew it or not. (I’ll have more about John in a later post.) Staying in an historic inn in the prettiest village in Ireland was delightful too.

Blarney Castle

Now, though, it’s time to concentrate on getting unpacked, washing clothes, running errands and answering messages and emails. The cats want their attention too, they’ve been neglected for weeks and weeks and days (to hear them tell it). Paula’s going through puppy withdrawal, so she just had to go get Patches, the Very First Thing. Sonia’s only one dog to overindulge enjoy, and Paula’s not a one-dog-at-a-time sorta gal anymore.

I think the hardest part for me will be the food. No more Irish breakfasts. No pub grub! No Guinness on tap!! Oh my. Oh well. I’ll get over it, I suppose, but I’m sure it’ll take lots of Tex-Mex and the like to help me recover.

With that in mind, anybody up for some dinner?

Enjoy the (Irish Remembrances) Heat!

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