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Friday Follies: SPAM to the Rescue

Spam Can

Forging ahead into the teeth of the worsening economic situation, Hormel has launched an ad campaign that promises not only to help you with your food budget, but practically guarantees that mealtimes will be smiles all ’round.

Called “Break the Monotony,” Homel has so much faith in this new SPAM initiative that they’ve trademarked the slogan! Yes, it promises to solve meal malaise across America, while pushing the economy (at least the canned pork portion of it) into an overheated state. There are also guarantees of a cure for cancer, and end to world hunger, and eradication of swine H1N1 influenza.

(Okay, I made that last part up. But you have to admit it certainly riveted your attention on this post. Nothing like a good pandemic to get the juices flowing.)

While you might simply think of SPAM as that gelatin-coated, pink mystery meat in the odd-shaped can, Hormel has big plans to change your views and your eating habits. Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner are showcased. About the only thing they left out is how to get SPAM into the kids during after-school snacks. (I’m sure they’ll correct that oversight after reading this essay.)

The website even features on online game. If you’re not a fan of such banal pastimes, you can always buy a few cans and make a SPAM basketball or something. Who knows, maybe you’ll make the Final Four (of messy dribbling) yourself.

So visit the site and play the game! What have you got to lose besides your tastebuds inhibitions?

Enjoy the (Phi Slama Spama) Heat!

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