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Goodbye Instant Noodles, Hello Spicy Italian

The end of Asian Noodles Month is upon us. Good thing it doesn’t weigh too much! Sorry, couldn’t control myself; I’ll keep my day job for now…

It’s been a fine inaugural month for an event that I hope to repeat next year, bigger and better. If you have any ideas how to improve the […]

Getting Into Hot Water for Instant Noodles

There are three fundamental ways to heat water hot enough for instant noodles. (I’m setting aside using more sophisticated equipment, such as the Large Hadron Collider, which would most certainly heat your water. The lead underpants requirement’s a bit bothersome with that method.) Electric Kettle, Microwave Oven, and Ordinary Heat Source.

We here at the […]

World Championship Chili Cookoff in West Virginia? Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

I was cruising that World Wide Web thingie, looking for important regional cooking events to give everybody a heads-up about, when I saw some disturbing news. The International Chili Society will be holding their World Championship Chili Cookoff in Charleston, West Virginia tihs year! Yeah; you read that right. How could they move it […]

Friday Follies: Late Night Bacon, You Knew It Had to Happen

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Bacon used to be for breakfast. Even if you had breakfast for dinner, as I often do, you still knew bacon was for breakfast. Nowadays, that hard-and-fast rule has gone all soft. People are making bacony drinks for cocktail hour, or putting bacon into all sorts of dishes that […]

Fish 4 Friday: Can You Spell Gribiche?

Gribiche is one of those little-known words that almost make you chuckle when you read it. The first time I saw it, I didn’t know if it was a new model, gas-efficient Honda or some dreaded pandemic. How to pronounce? Well, you can mangle it in many ways. For instance, you can say it […]

Some Days Ain’t Peachy

When I’m feeling down, I read food websites. I know, doctors say you shouldn’t have anything to do with food when you’re depressed. Something about turning on your eating glands or something. Then you snack all day, eating a gallon or two of Brown Rim Bluebell with chocolate chip cookies, with ginger ale to […]

Asian Noodles Month Continues

As our busy lives press forward, sometimes seemingly outrunning us in the process, we still need to eat. Thank goodness for instant noodles! A quick snack or a fast meal on the run, these simple, tasty concoctions can help you keep up (or catch up) with your lifestyle.

For instance, I’m working on four lectures […]

Back to Work Monday Blues

It’s back to the grind, folks; and I don’t mean a Starbucks double-chocolate latté with a Dexedrine chaser, even though that’s what I’m likely to need by the end of the day. I’m learning one of the Great Truths of modern information-work: Once you pull the pin, Mr. Computer is Not Your Friend.

I got […]