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August is Asian Noodles Month!

Yellow Ramen

August is officially Asian Noodles Month. Well, okay; it’s not official most everywhere else, but those who visit the Chile Underground know that we don’t let little things like that get in our way around here. Our Undergorund Department of Noodles (UDON) has done all the investigating it intends to, having pored over nearly three Google searches, and found nothing to stop us. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. (Well, there are those posts that claim March is National Noodle Month, but of course they don’t really mean it. Besides, we’re talking Asian here. Stay with us, and do try to keep up.)

Noodles in a cup. Or in those little plastic wrappers. Or, if it’s a really swanky variety, in a paper or plastic bowl. That’s what I’m talking about! Cheap, fast noodles. For many of them, if you spent more than a buck on the basic fixings you got robbed. Some come with spice and flavoring packets inside; others are simpler, with the seasoning poured on the noodles, where some even sticks. (Don’t ask how they get that to happen.)

The Chile Underground’s Really Intense Cooking Experts’ Special Testing Input Central Kitchens (RICESTICK) is breaking out the chopsticks and soy sauce and slapping together lovingly orchestrating the taste-testing of whatever the wifey finds in the clearance shelves at the Stopn Rob every variety of quick Asian noodle our crack team of investigators can locate within the region. No mein will be left unturned, no myun will be excluded in our burning quest to find the best in fast, cheap and tasty.

Why Asian Noodles Month? I could give a flip answer, like, “because it’s there.” But you’ve come to expect better of the Chile Underground, yes? (Please say “Yes.” Pretty Please?) Truth is, I just got back from China and enjoyed the noodles so much there I was struck by inspiration. I hope it was inspiration; it hurt too much to be anything else. Why Asian? Well, besides not caving in to the authorities who want a generic noodles month, I really want to pay homage to the region that invented the noodle. Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, what have you. Remember, even the Italians were at a loss what to do with pasta sauce until Marco Polo returned from Cathay, bringing noodles with him.

During the month we’ll also look at gadgets and implements of destruction that help noodle consumers, be they they tyros or experts, get their stringy goodness prepped and served. We’ll also give out tips and tricks to turn those dull, tasteless simple packets into a true feast, all without risking the mortgage. In these trying times, what more could you ask for? (Well, there IS that. However, you’ll have to ask Obama for help with that one.)

So grab your food-grade knitting needls and water-boiling kettle and get ready; this’ll be something you’ll tell your grandkids about…

Enjoy the (Quick Noodles) Heat!

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