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CU Special Edition: Upgrade Your WordPress Sites Now!


It’s time for the dreaded blog software updates for all my sites. (Yeah; you guessed right; I’m a WordPress scribbler.) A time of great woe and suffering, of mindless database backups and endless waiting. And then the dynamite goes BOOM! and nothing works. Just thinking about the hassles of bring fourteen sites up to snuff can give me a near-terminal case of the sighs.

But wait! The newer versions of WordPress have this clever automatic upgrade feature. I even used it successfully last time. With several important feature tweaks and security updates, WordPress 2.8.3 looked like a big enough step up for me to take the time to get everything moved from version 2.7.

I backed up my databases through my GoDaddy portal. I’ve used GoDaddy for internet site hosting, domain management and more for years now, and they’ve always done right by me. Backing up using phpMyAdmin is a bit of a pain, as the interface is guru-friendly at best. I’ve learned all the incantations by rote now, and this part goes smoothly in spite of that wretched interface.

Then back to the dashboard and hit the Automatic Update button. Within seconds the system reports that the upgrade was successful.

Well, it really wasn’t that easy for all my sites, of course. But there was only ever one kind of issue: Sometimes, when you hit the Automatic Update button, the system comes back instantaneously and tells you that the name lookup timed out, and that the upgrade failed. If you have this happen to you, don’t panic! Just hit the back button your browser, wait a few seconds, then try the update again. Usually on the second try you’ll get through.

I think what’s happening is there are too many server hits just at the moment you’re trying to get a copy of the software. I’ve noted this same problem a lot when updating my plugins. And I use a LOT of plugins! If you can stand to do any updating when the Internet isn’t so busy, say around 4 A.M., then you’ll like never see this error message. That’s been my experience. Trying to update your software right after dinner is likely to cause you frustration! And who needs that, with updating so easy these days…

Enjoy the (Easier Blogging Tools) Heat!

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