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The Leaving of DC and the Long Ride Home


Today’s the day; the day the best damn calorimetry team you ever heard of packs up and leaves Washington DC for home…

One more breakfast in the small dining room at the Comfort Inn, elbowing our way through the crowd of eager tourists all stoking up for the long day of walking and touring. Juice, coffee, bagels and English muffins; a waffle maker in the corner; the world’s slowest toasters; hard-boiled eggs; cereal and milk. Good and quick. I was running out of ways to make it “different” after four days, so I knew it was time to head out.

DaT Poster

All three of us had flights out of Reagan National Airport, the boys at about 1:40 PM to Denver (taking the long way home!) and mine at about three or so. So rather than travel in two groups, we agreed to go together. Besides, it was the only way we could have enough courage for the last shuttle trip to the Metro. (Actually, it wasn’t that bad, for a shuttle van. Thanks, Ahn!) It’s really cool to have a train that goes right to the airport! I wish we had something like this in Austin.

Checkin for me was slow; a flight ahead of me had cancelled, and All Was Chaos at the desk. Patience and a good book got me through the line, though, and soon I joined the team at Potbelly Sandwich Works for lunch. I must say, Reagan has some of the best choices for food at any airport I travel through. And the prices were low! Must have taken an act of Congress or something. Anyway, I ate a Tuna Bigs, some Vinegar & Salt Chips, and an IBC Root Beer. A fine, balanced and wholesome lunch, if I do say so myself. With extra pickles and spicy peppers to guarantee the nutrition was complete.

DaT Find a Job

The flight to Dallas was mostly uneventful. There was one line of thunderclouds along the way, but the flight deck crew adroitly evaded most of them. We were a bit late leaving Reagan, though, as the storms were affecting the national travel system. Not too bad, though; about twenty minutes late out of the gate. I had a short connect at DFW, however, so I was a bit concerned. The saving grace in all this is, there are many flights daily from DFW to Bergstrom. I would get home okay, if maybe a bit later than planned.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry. My second flight wasn’t even at the gate when I got there. Within minutes it was, though, and American turned it around quickly and we were on our way. I got to Austin about twenty minutes late overall, not a bad cross-country trip. The family picked me up and whisked me quickly to Casa Garcia’s for dinner before they closed. Even though the order got a bit mixed up, I still smiled; Home again, family near and sleep just around the corner…

Enjoy the (Airplane Riding) Heat!


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