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Summer’s Almost Over: Fun at Texas Lutheran

Texas Lutheran

I spent an interesting Friday afternoon at Texas Lutheran. The fall semester is about to take up, and we have a plot afoot: We’re going to use some of the facilitative methods we’ve built for industry to see if we can push the freshman Chemistry students to be more successful. A big challenge! Performance is the issue, and the sooner we can get students to take charge of their own learning the sooner we can build winning researchers for the next generations.

Sounds wonderful, eh? Well, it’s a nice dream. I was also along for the important stuff: Lunch. I always think best after lunch, and the six other favorite meals of the day. (Except when I take a nap, of course.)

We got together with two chemistry professors for lunch and headed over to Clear Springs to the catfish parlor. I’m not a big fan of catfish, but many of the profs are! My father-in-law drove, so we all pretended to pay attention to his ebbulient discourse on success as we rode along. We were all thinking about the onion rings, really. This place stacks them up in a Bubba-sized pile, hot and crispy and so inviting. Professor Toledo, the newest addition to the Chemistry faculty, was amazed by the size of the stack! He’d been a student at TLU years ago, and had forgotten now scrumptious those onion rings were. It didn’t take him long to refresh his memory, though. We went through at least two bottles of hot sauce and half a large bottle of ketchup enjoying those tasty rings.

While I’m not partial to fried catfish, I am a big fan of chicken fried steak. With cream gravy. And lots of side veggies. Just like they make at the Clear Springs Restaurant. My FIL also ordered chicken fried steak, so I chose green beans; he chose corn. Wouldn’t want them to get our orders confused! Unfortunately they did, and brought both out with corn. I mentioned that I ordered green beans, which the server checked and agreed with. She brought out an extra side of yummy beans. She didn’t take my corn away either. It’s a low trick, I know, but it got me some extra vegetables. Everybody should eat more veggies, right? So I did good, yes?

After lunch we returned to Moody Science and worked on our project. Suffice it to say, these poor wretches incoming students won’t quite know what hit them after next Friday. So long as it works, though, I won’t mind. And in the long run they may even thank us. Just so they pay up in chicken fried steak, I’ll be fine…

Enjoy the (Back to School) Heat!


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