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Movin’ On Up! Daughterperson’s Back to College


My daughter and all my money go to Texas Lutheran. It’s a good thing, really. She’s getting a top-notch education, she’s earning great grades while enjoying herself, and someday she’ll be able to support me in a lifestyle to which I hope to become accustomed. Maybe.

BalloonsHowever, the odyssey isn’t over yet. Still lots of smiles, classes, tests and memories to go. Jessi begins her sophomore year this week. We all collected at the Ranch, about fifteen miles south of campus, to load her stored stuff into various vehicles. Her grandmother had allowed her to store all the plunder down there over the summer, you see, so we wouldn’t have to fetch it 75 miles each way. A good deal, overall.

Before we actually put any stuff into any dorm rooms we needed to acquire and ingest some calories. We chose to go to the Taste of China Buffet, over on the east side of town. I like the place, the folks who run the restaurant are a hard-working Chinese family and I get to practice my limited language skills with them. They always ask if I’ve been back to China recently; in this case I can answer in the affirmative. They know Guangdong Province, so we talked about details and changes happening there. It’s nice. And the food’s pretty good too! More “Chinese style” than authentic Chinese cuisine, but then, we’re at least 8,000 miles away from the required ingredients.

Sunday turned out hot, as only August in central Texas can. Dry, sunny, not too much breeze; thankfully, not so much humidity either. Jessi and her freshman-year roomie have decided to stay together for another year, but they wanted into a bit larger living space. Besides, who wants to live in the frosh dorm two years in a row? So, they got a room in Trinity and it’s huge compared to last year’s digs. Even has its own bathroom.

The only problem is, it’s upstairs. And all the way at the other end of the building from where we could park to unload. Oh, my aching back! But that’s okay; it was only 103 degrees at drop time. And getting hotter.

Needless to say, we carried stuff quickly, then took long breathers in the air conditioning. Drank lots of cold water too. With everybody pitching in it only took about a dozen hours (or so it seemed) to get all the stuff up the stairs and pushed into the right room. (Hapaw got lost and delivered goodies to the wrong room once. Not bad for an old guy.) PJ wanted to stick around to help unpack; it’s a mother-daughter thing, I guess. Me, I’d done my fatherly part, now all I wanted was Advil and a horizontal position. We only stayed a bit longer, though, as we had to make one more run out to the Ranch and collect our own plunder, and Sonia the Red.

Then we drove in 106 degree heat all the way home. The poor Highlander felt like it was running on tippy-toes across the hot, nearly liquid pavement. We got home, set the air conditioner to a lower temperature and collapsed…

Enjoy the (Moving Day) Heat!


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