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Back to Work Monday Blues

Woring kDog

It’s back to the grind, folks; and I don’t mean a Starbucks double-chocolate latté with a Dexedrine chaser, even though that’s what I’m likely to need by the end of the day. I’m learning one of the Great Truths of modern information-work: Once you pull the pin, Mr. Computer is Not Your Friend.

I got started about four this morning, trying to get a jump on things before they jump all over me. Silly me, I didn’t realize that those things don’t sleep, ever. They were waiting for me, hiding under the piles of papers, memory sticks, cookbooks, used instant noodle bowls (this IS Asian Noodle Month after all), and other chaotic clutter that infests my orifice. (You might think it’s an office, but it’s really a hole. With a tame black hole for a filing system.) I fought back mightily, using my keyboard AND my mouse as sword and shield. By eight I realized it was a losing battle, but by then I was stuck like those poor suckers at Thermopylae. Unlike them, though, I had a full pot of coffee and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Working Dog Too

I got PJ up and out of the house, then went back at it with (somewhat) renewed vigor. I worked through a whole pile of stuff, then two other piles fell over and covered the few square inches I’d reclaimed. What this place needs is a good shovel. And somebody to use it. I got the books I reclaimed from summer research all sorted and reshelved, and that gave me a great sense of satisfaction. Until I noticed there were still a few more boxes of books waiting for the same treatment. A poor mother’s work is never sorted, I suppose.

So I called it a morning and went looking for instant noodles or equivalent for lunch. I budgeted ten minutes of television, so naturally I tuned into the Food Network. (News is way too depressing in small bites.) Giada was on, with her show Giada at Home. She made a really great snack-meal item, Stuffed Baby Peppers, that got me through my quick lunch. I didn’t want to see the rest of the recipes or I’d immediately abandon all thought of progress for the afternoon and go shopping, then cooking. No time for play, though! Back to the grind.

I think I need to get me a Real Job so I can rest up…

Enjoy the (Hopelessly Blue Monday) Heat!


2 comments to Back to Work Monday Blues

  • pj

    The stuffed baby peppers are really good. I had some!

    • Woo Hoo! Only two years and my wifey’s found the site! AND learned to comment! Progress…

      My tummy’s fine now, and yes, the baby peppers are really good. I will try some different fillings next time, something with a bit more substance than Ricotta cheese. I bet we can make these little boogers sit up and beg…