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Asian Noodles Month Continues

Bowl of Noodles

As our busy lives press forward, sometimes seemingly outrunning us in the process, we still need to eat. Thank goodness for instant noodles! A quick snack or a fast meal on the run, these simple, tasty concoctions can help you keep up (or catch up) with your lifestyle.

For instance, I’m working on four lectures for University (to be delivered this Friday) while building training courses for and working with my industrial clients. I barely have time to sleep, let alone fix a big meal. Yes, I still enjoy cooking; and someday I’ll get a break and actually do some. Before then, though, I’ll eat plenty of quick-fix meals and snacks. Today’s lunch, as an example, was another in the award-winning Super Bowl line of the Unif Brand noodles. This time I tried their Pickled Chili Beef flavor, and I quite enjoyed it! Not as zesty as their Spicy Beef, which is my favorite, but good, rich flavor and in a satisfying quantity. I could slurp to my heart’s content while pounding the keys.

For a snack the afternoon before, I tried out one of Nong Shim‘s smaller Shin Cup Noodle Soup offerings. At 2.64 ounces (75 grams dry weight), it’s just the right size to push hunger aside for a while without ruining dinner. I added some sliced scallion and bit of Sriracha and it was Very Good.

Asian Noodle Month, declared by your friendly neighborhood Chile Underground, is coming to a close soon. There’s still time to review more products and gadgets, though, and we intend to do both. In the meantime,

Enjoy the (Continuing Instant Noodle) Heat!


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