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Friday Follies: Late Night Bacon, You Knew It Had to Happen

Conan Bacon Chocolate.gif

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Bacon used to be for breakfast. Even if you had breakfast for dinner, as I often do, you still knew bacon was for breakfast. Nowadays, that hard-and-fast rule has gone all soft. People are making bacony drinks for cocktail hour, or putting bacon into all sorts of dishes that can be eaten anytime.

Then there’s food art. Like the statue being transported above.

Yes, that’s Conan O’Brien of Late Night fame, now the Emcee of the Tonight Show. (Jay Leno, where are you? Is it too late to get you back?) The No Name Steaks Company commissioned the bust to show at the Minnesota State Fair. It’s over two hundred pounds of chocolate, with a bacon toupee. Much more stylish than the one Conan wears these days, if you ask me. The statue was carved by Linda Christensen, who started with three hundred pounds of white chocolate. (I wonder where the scraps went? Maybe she just tossed them.)

If you ask me, having a food art bust made of you is rather like putting an apron on a cow. They didn’t ask me, though.

The bust made a whole tour cross-country, finishing on the Tonight show this week. Sadly, at the end of the show the art simply crumbled. Couldn’t stand the pressure of fame, the bright lights, all that. Or else the stage hands simply wanted some bacon and chocolate. Conspiracy theories, anyone? Regardless, we’re now left with only photos as memories, and Conan as host of the show…

Enjoy the (Strange Food Art) Heat!


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