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World Championship Chili Cookoff in West Virginia? Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

Cookoff Chili

I was cruising that World Wide Web thingie, looking for important regional cooking events to give everybody a heads-up about, when I saw some disturbing news. The International Chili Society will be holding their World Championship Chili Cookoff in Charleston, West Virginia tihs year! Yeah; you read that right. How could they move it all the way over there? Shoot, barbecue in West Virginia ain’t half-bad, if you’re open-minded about that sort of stuff and all. But chili? I don’t even think they know how to make a decent chili dog, since they prefer slaw dawgs.

The scenery in West Virginia may make up for the “remote” location of this globally important event. Just don’t go too far off-road in your quest for the perfect mountain photo. I hear the moonshiners in WV are at least as protective of their property as those I met some decades ago in Georgia. Fortunately, back then a $10 bill and some smooth talking kept my rear end free of rock salt. I’m not so sure that would work, these days. They’re not mean, just private, and they want to stay that way.


If you do go to the WCCC (Or the WC-Three as we long-time aficionados call it) this year AND you plan to take some landscape photos, take plenty. Those mountains may not be there much longer.

Remember how I found this item? Well, I did find one important event here in central Texas you should all consider attending. The San Antonio Regional Chili Cookoff & Biker Rally will be held at Cowboys Dance Hall on September 5th. I’ll be there, and I’ll be easy to find. I’ll get there early on my Harley, and I’ll get dressed out for my new gig. I’m the clown huomrist entertainer who will be tying balloon animals making ephemeral art objects for the snot-nosed troublemakers younger attendees in the crowd…

Enjoy the (Chili Cookoff) Heat!


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