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Bye Bye Spicy Italian, Hello Cajun & Creole!

October is Cajun & Creole Cuisine Month (CCC, or C-cubed to those in the know, like the Underground’s educated audience). Why is that? Well, because we here at the Chile Underground say so, that’s why. That, and I got a really nice new Cajun cookbook, and all I had to do was cat-sit for […]

Spicy Italian: Godfather Sauce

Henry Hill, a character in Goodfellas who should have been in the Godfather series, once said, “… right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup.” That’s not one crime, that’s two. I only hope Henry didn’t have his pistol with him or we’d […]

Hot Bytes for 2009-09-29

Chicken, in chili? This one might be good: Two Pepper Chicken Chili | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com http://bit.ly/YS56Z #
Budget woes keeping you away from your favorite Mexican food? Consider this… http://bit.ly/XVssy #
NPR Reports on Local Produce Site That Connects Restaurants, Schools To Farms http://bit.ly/4bVTkN #

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No Food Today, It's Down to the Courthouse

I won’t have time to work up a nice Spicy italian dish for today. You see, it’s my day in court…

Oh, not as a plaintiff. And luckily, not as a defendant. (I think all those warrants have expired.) No, Some lucky folks are going to have me as their fellow juror! I don’t think […]

Salmagundi, a Special Sunday Edition

With the month about to wrap up, I thought I’d bring in some “short bites” that won’t make a full article for the Underground:

The Austin Chronicle reviews a new book by a local author, Ms. Gesine Bullock-Prado: “Confections of a Closet Master Baker.”
If you’re in the Austin area, check out some of the food […]

Spicy Italian: Short Rib Ragu with Pappardelle

It’s been downright cold around here the past few days (although warming up today). Shoot, it was down in the high fifties a couple days ago, with rain. Yes, rain! Our two Goldens (Sonia and Whiskey) didn’t quite know what to make of it. Sonia wanted to stay on the porch, and Whiskey kept […]

Hot Bytes for 2009-09-26

Former Top Chef Contestant Creates First-Lady-Themed Burger http://bit.ly/1xp5By #
Chile & Frijole Festival in Pueblo this weekend; pretty much your last chance to celebrate this season: http://bit.ly/1C1HV #
Renowned British chef apologizes to sick diners (norovirus) http://bit.ly/4zx44t. The Fat Duck reopens… #
A modern Mediterranean menu – The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/dEhYd. Still not very spicy… #

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Friday Follies: Where's the Beef? Right Here

In 2008, Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar set the Guinness Record for the world’s largest hamburger. Well, I’m sorry to say, that’s been whipped like a red-headed stepchild summarily dismissed this year. The old number of 134 pounds was summarily squashed by the new monster, weighing in at an astounding 164.5 pounds.

Steve Mallie’s not […]