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Follies Extra: Old Gravy Gets a New Lease on Life, and Bacon & Eggs Like You’ve Never Tasted Before

Gravy Boat

There was so much looniness and odd food info important Follies news this week that Friday couldn’t hold it all. So hang onto your hats, folks, we’re going for Extra Innings on the Follies front with a Special Saturday Bonus Edition…

I forget whether it was Erma Bombeck or Rita Rudner who quipped, “At our house gravy is a beverage.” I bet they had some gravy go bad in their time. Which begs the question: What do you do with a few tons of commercially-prepared, out-of-date brown gravy? Well, if you’re like most rational people, you dispose of it. The stuff’s biodegradeable after all. Not on the EPA Carcinogen list, last time I looked. (Yes, I’ve read it; guaranteed to cure terminal insomnia.) Just chunk it down the drain, somewhere in Jersey where it has the chance to dilute some of that older pollutant stuff.

Well, what if you’re not rational about old gravy? Then you hold the World Gravy Wrestling Championships. Yes, some fool whacked out on Jolt Cola and THbetaC‘s from too much hot cocoa creative person actually came up with this idea. And several otherwise responsible adults executed on it. What’s really sad about this whole thing is, this is the third year of this monster event. The Rose and Bowl Pub in Stacksteads, Lancashire has been the site of every WGWC, but this is the first year they’ve had a corporate sponsor in the form of Bisto Foods, who dumped donated 40,000 portions of out-of-date gravy for the “medium” where the titanic struggles took place. That’s over two tons (English or Metric, I forget) of spoiled meat sauce.

Who won? Do you really care? Well, it was Joel Hicks, wrestling under the pseudonym of Stone Cold Steve Bisto. Maybe he’s the Chairman’s son? In any case, winning (and losing) came with a free hose-down, courtesy of the local fire department.

Where will the Rose and Bowl take this in the future, marketing-wise? Probably team up with a beer company and go for the dueling bikini babes. Trust me, if that happens, then baby I’m there my wife and I will be appropriately disgusted…

In other news, a new dessert treat has been designed for your tasting pleasure. David Lebovitz reports on his website his Michael Ruhlmann-inspired attempt to make Candied Bacon Ice Cream. And it worked! Clearly it’s got all the ingredients for a killer taste: Salt, smoke, cream, eggs, sugar. This stuff may put Baskin Robbins out of business, or at least force them to serve only three flavors. (The other two? Vanilla and Tutti-Frutti, of course.)

By the way, I looked over his recipe and drooled glanced at the pictures, and I’ve decided something about Candied Bacon Ice Cream: Works for me.

Shoot, maybe Bisto and Lebovitz should join forces and make gravy-coated bacon ice cream to sell at the wrestling matches? At least there’d be less gravy going bad…

Enjoy the (Gravy, Bacon and Ice Cream) Heat!


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