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If You Have Too Many Tomatoes And You Don’t Really Want to Cook, Have We Got a Deal for You

Lots of Tomatoes

It’s late summertime, and your garden is in full-blown “let’s get busy burying these guys in produce” mode. Especially the tomatoes. You’re tired of canning them, you’ve eaten so many you have acid blisters on the inside of your lips, and your family is threatening revolt if you make One More Tomato Salad for dinner tonight. Oh yeah, I’ve been there. It would be depressing if those darn orbs of veggie goodness weren’t so tasty!

Well, here’s one way out of the mess, brought to you by the Recipe Elves at the Chile Underground: Capellini Crudaiola.


This dish is true southern cooking. Southern Italy, that is. Apulia, to be exact, but there are similar versions all over Italy’s south. There’s a bonus to learning to make crudaiola sauce too. For instance, you can use it on bruschetta. You can spoon some over cooked beans; even use some in place of diced tomatoes in chili. It goes great with grilled chicken. Heck, you can even freeze tomato pulp and ambush your friends and family with more tomato sauce enjoy the summery nutrition and flavor any time you like.

See what we bring to you that nobody else will? A nice meal, help to avoid cooking (mostly), a way to use up extra tomatoes when they’re at their peak of ripeness (other than a food fight, we mean). AND some bonus options, including snacks! No need to thank us, we’re just here to help. Really. (But if you must applaud, simply send us your words of appreciation on the back of a $50 and we’ll call the whole thing good.)

Enjoy the (Too Many Tomatoes) Heat!


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