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Two Years and Counting: “Daddy, Are We There Yet?”

CelebrateThe most important and vital Underground on the Web (that deals with food and is headquartered in Texas) has reached Yet Another Milestone: Our second birthday! Time to celebrate!

Let’s face it, YAMs don’t come around that often, so we’re going to take full advantage of this one. Since it’s our second year anniversary, I have not one, but two bottles of champagne on ice. And I just sent the wifey away to work so I can drink my breakfast in peace. I’ve also instituted a New Rule: The dogs don’t get any of my champagne! So it’s going to be a lovely morning Real Soon Now.

All I have to do is be sober by the weekend. I think.

We’ve had a good couple of years, with plenty of trips, recipes and great stories (not to mention bad jokes) to share in word and photo. We’re not going to sit on our laurels, though, not us! As you know, we’re simply not wired that way. Besides, I think laurels have thorns or something. So no sitting!

We’ll continue to bring new features to the Underground, and indeed to the whole World Wide Web thingie. Like Asian Noodle Month, which no other site would touch with a 3.048 meter, heavily insulated pole was brave enough to do before. And of course, we didn’t stop there! We don’t have that much self-control followed immediately with Spicy Italian Month, which even Google couldn’t find on the two billion or so websites it indexes. Imagine that! A twofer and we never even broke a sweat.

But we’re not bragging, we’re simply reporting the facts. As we always do, especially in our Friday Follies series (which is now well over 60 posts strong). Momma taught all of us not to lie unless you could be real creative at it even if it was more fun. And since my momma reads this site occasionally I have to include her. (I’m just not gonna continue with the rest of the Country-Western song by mentioning prison, or divorce, or losing the house. Too close to the bone there.)

So unscrew a bottle-cap crack open a bottle of the best and join in! Don’t hold back anything, you can buy more in plenty of time for our third birthday…

Enjoy the (Bubbly Birthday) Heat!


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