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Friday Follies: How Do You Fight THAT Fire, and More Bacon Love

Fire Plug

This just in to the Chile Underground’s ever-vigilant News Desk: A disastrous accident in Wyoming has destroyed a massive quantity of an irreplaceable specialty. A cargo truck traveling on the I-80 near the famous burgh of Wamsutter, Wyoming crashed and caught fire. When firefighters arrived they went into their practiced routines when suddenly they found themselves under direct fire from unidentified hostiles! Was somebody trying to cause fear and terror in Wyoming? Or were they trying to drive off the rescue squad so they could grab some of the valuable cargo for themselves?

Actually, it was the cargo shooting at the firefighters. You see, the truck was carrying cases of wine. The good stuff, with real corks and all. And as the bottles got hot they ejected their projectiles corks at the hapless rescue workers:

“The corks were popping out of the bottles like the old Jiffy Pop (popcorn) we grew up with,” Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Keane said. “My trooper got hit in the arm with one.”

There was a real hazard inside the fire, though; exploding wine bottles tossed flaming shards out at the crowd. No one was injured (other numbers were not discussed in detail), and even the truck driver escaped. The fire was so intense, though, that the vehicle was burned down to the axles, the tires melted and about 75 feet of pavement was damaged. No word on when the memorial service will be held.

Bacon Slab Cake

In other news, Slashfood’s Feast Your Eyes feature has hit another world-class winner with the photo shown. Debbie at Debbie Does Cakes made this as a groom’s cake for a recent wedding. No, it’s not real bacon, although it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? I bet the bride was more than a bit jealous when she saw the crowd of male attendees swarming around the groom’s table.

Debbie’s not saying anything about the taste, and she’s certainly not giving out the construction secrets for this delectable confection. She IS entertaining proposals for marriage, though…

Enjoy the (Wacky Friday News) Heat!


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