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Meaty Tuesday: Spicy Peasant Bolognese

Spicy Italian Sausage

Once upon a time there was a thing called Meatless Tuesday. There was a war on, you see; there’s always a war on. Back then the French, British and others were not only fighting the Germans on their own turf, but they were starving in the process. So part of American support for the Allies was to provide food. Lots and lots of food. An army marches on its stomach, not on its legs.

As compensation, I’m declaring today to be Meaty Tuesday! Nowadays we have plenty of meat in the United States; maybe too much. Which is fine for us carnivores; that’s pretty much anybody at the Chile Underground, and likely quite a few of you fine folks who stop by to sample the madness recipes. Yesterday I posted on a good use for hot Italian sausage. (I hope you tried the recipe and it drove away the blues.) Today I offer another tasty Italian dish that helps me get rid of all that hot Italian sausage I overbought on Sunday uses a bit more of the zesty tubular comestible. Most of us are familiar with Bolognese Sauce, but often not a spicy version:

This Bolognese is quite a bit zestier than the usual fare, and can be made as “stout” as you like. Here’s what I like about this stuff (besides how easy it is to fix, and to eat): You can make a lot of it, even triple the recipe, no problem! If you make too much (I’m speaking theoretically here), you can portion it up and freeze it. The sauce will keep frozen for a couple of months; just defrost a packet and dinner’s on…

Enjoy the (Zesty Meaty) Heat!


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