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Fish 4 Friday: Easy Salmon Rigatoni

Salmon Rigatoni

There are lots of quick-to-make fish dishes, because fish itself cooks so quickly. Salmon is no exception! These days, salmon is very popular and relatively inexpensive, mainly due to aquaculture efforts. (That means fish farming, in case your link to Dictionary.com is busted.) I’m always on the lookout for new techniques for preparing fish, especially ones that look easy and will make cleanup a snap.

Here’s a recipe that fills that bill:

I never would have thought of using the heat from boiling pasta to cook the salmon! It’s quite easy, though. Just be sure your salmon pieces aren’t too large or thick, and it’ll be done when the pasta’s ready. If you need to, use some small spacers (like folded-over twist ties) to hold the plate or pie tin up a tiny bit so some steam from the boiling pasta can escape. If your pasta boils over, try adding a bit of olive oil to the water. (Or use that knob thingie on the range to turn the heat down, like Emeril says.)

Penne Salmon

Don’t try this technique with any fast-cook pasta, like angel hair. Either your fish won’t be done, or the pasta will be all mooshy. (That’s a technical term.) Just remember, the salmon needs about ten minutes to get tender-done to perfection; if you have a pasta that needs to boil longer than 10-12 minutes, just set the plate on the pot at the right time so all the goodies are done simultaneously.

You can make the sauce as tame or as spicy as your tongue needs; that’s the beauty of a simple recipe like this one. Add veggies like peas or broccoli as a side, or right in the mix (like the first picture above). You can dress this dish up however you like, with capers, rosemary or whatever. Sprinkle the top with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, and dig in…

Enjoy the (Salmon Pasta) Heat!


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