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Whups! Time for a Little Maintenance

You know how it is when you live in a house for a while. You get used to the way things are, even if you know there’s bound to be a bit of paint needed over here, some cleaning of closets over there, and maybe a screw loose over yonder. (PJ claims I’m the only screw-loose one around here. I’d claim I was insulted, but she’s too often right.)

Well, it’s time to spruce up the place! No, not the house; that’s way beyond a little sprucing. I mean the Chile Underground. I got the new theme working a while back, but there’s a bit of other stuff needs rearranging and maybe replacing. So if you see something that looks new, or different, or odd (other than my photo, I mean), just bear with us. We’re working to make this a better site and blog, all for you. That’s just the way we are.

If you notice something that looks broken, however, I’d love it if you’d comment to this post so I can look into it. Sometimes repairs break things; witness the current gouge in the palm of my right hand. But that’s a whole other story…

Enjoy the (Elbow Grease) Heat!


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