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DinnerTool.com, an Interesting New Recipe Site

Dinner Tool

Cruising the Interweb thingie can be very educational for somebody like me. I was looking for some more spicy Italian recipes and I came across the recipe site Dinner Tool. Chef Ariane Duarte (Of Top Chef and Iron Chef fame) is pulling together a site that has recipes, full meals and an easy-to-use planner. The site has a fresh, uncluttered appearance and a great color scheme. What I like about Dinner Tool is the planner choices at the top, and the way the categories are presented at the bottom. As with many great foodie sites, there’s a way to customize by signing up for an account and keeping your special stuff in your own area, which is then easily accessible through a My Stuff tab.

The only thing missing is a personal blog by Ariane. If she’s running a restaurant and building a web empire, I can forgive her for not taking the time to chat with us right now; she should get a blog in the future, though!

The site is in Beta mode, as you can see from the logo. Don’t let that scare you off from visiting. It’s a slick production, and I expect to see it grow dramatically in the coming months. For a site like Dinner Tool, it’s all about content, and Ariane has the culinary skill to build that!

Enjoy the (Recipe Collection) Heat!

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