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Spicy Italian: Short Rib Ragu with Pappardelle

Short Ribs

It’s been downright cold around here the past few days (although warming up today). Shoot, it was down in the high fifties a couple days ago, with rain. Yes, rain! Our two Goldens (Sonia and Whiskey) didn’t quite know what to make of it. Sonia wanted to stay on the porch, and Whiskey kept running around the corner of the house looking for the sprinkler. It’s been so dry for so long, seems they forgot what rain was like.

Anyways, back to cold. Since we were only a few degrees above freezing (water freezes at 50 around these parts), I decided to try out something hearty, zesty and filling. Italian can do that! And since it’s still officially Spicy Italian Month (the Chile Underground officially says so , at least), here’s a zesty version of a classic, rib-sticking dish that works as cool-weather fare:


Beef short ribs are pretty much overlooked these days; certainly underappreciated. They’re fairly cheap as a consequence. With beef prices on the rise (seems they’ve about doubled around here the past year), moving to a cheaper cut without sacrificing flavor is a Good Deal. The only thing is, to really get all that meaty goodness into the ragout you have to slow-cook the ribs. So fix this dish when you’ve got lots of time, like on a rainy Saturday afternoon when football games galore means you’ve got time. At least it doesn’t require a lot of watching! Mostly, it’s a set-and-forget dish, with a little work at the front end and a bit more just when you’re ready to serve. Start the dish about three in the afternoon, during game changeover, and it’ll be ready when the next game’s done. And you can serve and eat before the Really Big Game in the evening!

See how we help you fix your meals AND pay attention to all the important things in your life? We’re like that…

Enjoy the (Zesty Ragout and Ribs) Heat!

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