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Spicy Italian: Godfather Sauce

Pepper Flakes

Henry Hill, a character in Goodfellas who should have been in the Godfather series, once said, “… right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup.” That’s not one crime, that’s two. I only hope Henry didn’t have his pistol with him or we’d be short one short-order cook somewhere.

The problem is, sometimes egg noodles with ketchup would be a better choice than some pasta dishes you get. Mooshy strings of over-cooked flour, covered with the same ol’ sauce. Bland. Boring. Kinda like wanting to watch Scarface but having to sit through repeat showings of Dick Tracy.

As Michael Corleone said, “He should be careful. It’s dangerous to be an honest man.” But I’ll tell you, honestly, this is a Really Great Sauce. Trust me. Or I’ll have to make you a deal you can’t refuse…

In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. The next-most dangerous thing there is the sun-dried tomato. Full of rich, intensely concentrated flavor, it’s the secret used in restaurants to “punch up” the essence of tomato soups, sauces and condiments. Here it adds to the roasted peppers very pleasantly, and isn’t overpowered even by copious amounts of red pepper flakes. This sauce goes together so quickly that you can start the pasta first and still be done making sauce before the noodles reach al dente (unless you’re talking capellini, and even then it’s only a race).

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli (for dessert). Then eat this sauce on your pasta…

Enjoy the (No Choice, It’s Just Business) Heat!

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