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Don't Let the Spooks Get You: Time to Celebrate!

Happy Halloween! It’s the end of October and time to sum up the month. First, some really great news: We went zooming past 500 posts this week! It’s hard to believe we’ve wasted so much of our time and yours racked up that much writing! In fact, if we’d written on a novel […]

Friday Follies: Cajun Seasoning Wars Heat Up, and So Long, Jolt

One of the world’s great commercial treasures, the Cajun seasoning company Walker & Sons (makers of the “Slap Ya Mama” line of Cajun seasoning), has taken the spice wars to a level not seen since the British East India Company sought to dominate the spice routes from far Cathay. You see, they’re suing “Punch […]

Hot Bytes for 2009-10-30

Curry compound kills cancer cells, study shows – Cancer- msnbc.com http://bit.ly/99WG2. See, curry really IS good for you! #

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Fish 4 Friday: Shrimp Étouffée

If you watch Emeril Live (and who doesn’t?) you’ve probably seen him make this dish. As a naturalized Cajun, Emeril knows how to make this stuff well! And I learned how from him. After all, we’re bestest buds now that I stood in line for seven hours to get one of his books autographed […]

Hot Bytes for 2009-10-29

Book shines light on Hmong recipes – Lifestyles – Merced Sun-Star http://bit.ly/1DndCE. Laotian food, quite distinctive… #
Recipe: Basturma — latimes.com http://bit.ly/49eIz4. Plenty of zesty chiles! #
Clay pots: Which one will work best for you? — latimes.com http://bit.ly/3RLtQz. A great pot to cook your Basturma in… #

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I Don't Think Anything's Happening Today...

There’s nothing going on in the World today; certainly not my world. I don’t even have any new Cajun recipes to post! Maybe I should get up off my dead rear up and get some new ones, eh?

Be right back…

Enjoy the (Absolutely Boring) Heat!

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Hot Bytes for 2009-10-27

Delta chili cookoff on Thursday: http://bit.ly/2dRtxP. Also tamales, meatballs and more; get to Greenville for the goodies! #
Nando’s introduces ‘really really good Chicken’ http://bit.ly/8S1bT, Lagos, Nigeria, home to peri-peri chicken; lava in your mouth… #
Changes come to landmark New Orleans restaurant: Antoine's translates menu http://bit.ly/2qaQoA. Katrina still causing changes… #
Cajun restaurant to open Monday – […]

Salmagundi: Some Cajun Cooking Sites

Not a lot crackin’ today; been cruising that Interwebz thingie, though, and I’ve found a few interesting places to stop by:

Cajun Cooking Recipes. A simple, no-frills site. This one does have recipes for alligator, armadillo, bear, beaver, blackbird and other important supplementary protein sources (for those of you who like to supplement, that is).

Cajun […]