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Friday Follies, the Louisiana Edition

People in Louisiana accuse Texans of being mean to Cajuns. That’s a damned lie base canard. We aren’t mean, and we don’t make fun of Cajuns. We simply observe and report the facts…

It seems that kids in South Louisiana don’t know they’re Cajun. So the state held an essay contest. Morgan Builliard won with […]

Hot Bytes for 2009-10-02

‘Top Chef’ host Lakshmi has bun in the oven- msnbc.com http://bit.ly/2acxAS. Now THAT's a spicy meatball! #
Adam Richman, host of 'Man v. Food,' gets paid to eat ballpark food – ESPN http://bit.ly/NjCc5. Such a job! Where do I apply? #
Amanda Freitag, judge of 'Chopped,' moves to contestant on 'The Next Iron Chef:' http://bit.ly/18Lpy0 #