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Book of the Month: Who's Your Mama?

Your Mama CookbookThere are plenty of Cajun and Creole cookbooks out there, including some award winners. Marcelle Bienvenu has written several. None are more interesting, or have been better received, than the Book of the Month: “Who’s Your Mama, Is She Catholic, and Can She Make a Roux?” If you enjoy Cajun and Creole, this book should be on your cookbook shelf!

Ms. Bienvenu knows what she writes about, and her passion for the cuisine of Louisiana comes through with her wit, storytelling and pointers as much as the recipes show. In addition to the book we chose for the BOM, she’s written a couple of sequels to “Who’s Your Mama,” several books covering recipes from the Times-Picayune newspaper (she’s recipe editor there), as well as “Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen,” “Cajun Cooking for Beginners,” and “Stir the Pot: The History of Cajun Cuisine.” Her body of work makes her perhaps the most noteworthy expert in this field.

One thing you can bet, Marcelle knows how to make a roux. And everybody in her family does too! This is not merely a tale of food, but of family and values. “Who’s Your Mama” covers all the basics in its extensive recipe collection, especially if you consider the sequel volumes. The stories are worth the price of admission, though! There’s a chance that Justin Wilson was a better fabulist, but if so it’s a very close thing. Justin was also a good cook; Marcelle’s got him beat so bad he looks like chewed twine, though.

Get a copy and try it out. If you like it, I hear it makes a great Christmas present (hint, hint) …

Enjoy the (Cajun & Creole Cookbook) Heat!


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