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Cajun Popcorn, a Louisiana Favorite

Mud Bugs

Mud bugs are the national crustacean of Louisiana. They’re boiled, fried, steamed, put into stews and soups, and otherwise consumed with a passion that surpasses all reason. Heck, even my spouse likes them, and she’s never been to Louisiana. (At least not that she’ll admit.) Believe me, it’s an acquired taste. If you’ve acquired the taste, though, then you’re always on the lookout for great ways to eat these little relatives of the lobster.

With fall football season upon us, appetizers come into play more than ever. Join that thought with an abundance of crawdaddies and you get:

Cajun Popcorn

Remoulade is nothing more than mayonnaise that’s been a bit fancified. This preparation deserves a bit of fancy, though. Don’t get these tasty morsels confused with popcorn shrimp, like you find on your grocer’s freezer shelves (or at Popeyes). You can use shrimp if you can’t get fresh crawfish tails; it’s not quite the same, but you won’t hear complaints from your audience in any case. The remoulade can be made with parsley, cilantro or even spinach, if you prefer. I like the aroma of basil, I think it complements the fried seafood very well, but you decide.

If you serve Cajun Popcorn at a party you’ll have all the guests asking for the recipe. Save yourself the effort and refer them directly to us, of course; we’ll take care of the rest…

Enjoy the (Crunchy Mud Bug) Heat!

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