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Friday Follies: Mona Lisa Smile, Interrupted by Ronald McDonald

Louvre Castle

Venus de MiloI don’t know if this is evidence of the advanced state of the French culture, or (more likely) proof that Europe is sliding into complete rot and decadence. It IS verification that fast food is more acceptable and accesible than ever before…

A recent report confirms that McDonald’s will be opening at the Louvre. Yes, the home of the Mona Lisa and the cnt_id=10134198673226914&CURRENT_LLV_CHEMINEMENT<>cnt_id=10134198673327544&CONTENT<>cnt_id=10134198673327544&bmLocale=en” target=”_blank” title=”Perfection? You Decide”>Venus de Milo will also have Southern Arizona Food, Art and Wine Festival, to be held in Tucson on October 17th-18th. Sponsored by The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA), the event will feature The El Charro Tamale Eating Championships, fruit carving, a keg-toss and obstacle course run during half-time of the Arizona-Stanford game, the Southern Arizona Pizza Games, and so much more. If you’re in the area, consider visiting and taking in some fun, food and art!

Sadly, the last piece of art-related food news involves the passing of a treasured companion. Gourmet Magazine will close immediately. (Fired employees had to be out by this past Tuesday, and the announcement was Monday!) This wonderful monthly magazine, full of drool-quality glossy pictures of very fancy food, is apparently a victim of the combined double-whammy of the economic downturn and the general free-fall of print advertising revenues (which began well before the current recession). Although Gournet still has nearly one million subscribers, Condé Nast says they aren’t profitable, and the future outlook is grim. They will still own the brand, however, and could revive the mag in the future if conditions warrant. In the meantime they’ll focus on their online adjunct, the website Epicurious. RIP, old friend…

Enjoy the (Artsy Fast Food) Heat!

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