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Man Does Not Live by Rice Alone: Cajun Focaccia


Sometimes you just want something a little different with your Cajun or Creole food. I mean, You Can’t Have Rice With Every Meal, can you? (Well, if you’re in Louisiana, maybe you can.) With that in mind, I offer this recipe from a great chef (and honorary Cajun), Emeril Lagasse:

I first saw this on an Emeril Live episode involving fondue. Emeril prepared this bread for dipping into a nice cheese fondue, but it got me to thinking: There are a lot of dishes that are great for dipping into, not just fondue and the like! Soups and stews are two choices favored by the elves and trolls here at the Underground, much more popular (and served more often) than any melted cheese dish.

Heck, you can even cut the focaccia into small cubes and use it to sop up pseudoqueso and other football-watching dips. If you make this bread and you have any leftovers (I’m speaking purely theoretically here, mind you), then cube, toast and toss with a bit of herbs and olive oil and you’ll have the best salad croutons (or soup topping) you’ve ever locked your lips around…

Enjoy the (Cajun-Italian Fusion Flatbread) Heat!

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