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Ramen Reprise: How to Make Healthy Instant Noodles at Home

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A couple months back, the Chile Underground declared Asian Noodles Month; it was an instant hit. (Don’t groan! Okay, go ahead, you need it.) However, some visitors were a little concerned that some of the instant noodle varieties weren’t very healthy. While I think they’re better than certain fast food meals I could name (but won’t), I have to agree that there are instant noodle varieties that have more fat and salt than one might want.

Never fear, the Underground is here! And we’re always scouring the airways (and that Interweb thingie) to bring you the latest in nutritional news you can use! A recent post (by the Skinny Chef) to Slashfood shows how, with little more work than it takes to rip open a cellopak of Ramen, you can have delicious, nutritious soba noodles in your very own home! No putting on the slippers and housecoat just so’s you can leave your house and pick up some takeout noodles at Suki’s Soba, Sushi and Bait (or wherever your favorite fast noodles are made).

I’m pretty sure that, without the Underground’s eagle eyes and incisive analysis, you’ve have completely missed this one. No need to thank us, it’s what we do…

Enjoy the (Tasty AND Healthy Noodle) Heat!


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