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Fish 4 Friday: Even Easier Jambalaya


Some folks had the audacity to complain mentioned that the Jambalaya I shared way back on October 1 was a little bit difficult to make. Me, I don’t see what the problem is but I decided to share an even easier version. I dug around in the Way Back Stack of Dad’s Chile Cookbook (because it’s spicy and uses chiles) and found one. This recipe has the usual stuff, in combinations of threes: The Trinity (celery, onion, bell pepper) for aroma and flavor, and the protein trio (shrimp, chicken, sausage) that makes it a true Jambalaya:

Substitute mudbugs if you prefer them to shrimp. Try to get some authentic Andouille, if you can; use a nice, garlicky Kielbasa or link sausage if your grocer doesn’t carry the stuff. (Be sure to request they carry Andouille while you’re checking out.) If this dish is too zesty for you, then leave out the Serrano chiles. I think you’ll want them in, though. After all, life’s too short to eat bland Cajun…

Enjoy the (Way Too Easy for the Big Easy) Heat!

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