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El Dia de los Muertos, and I'm Feeling It


Halloween was a beautiful evening here, cool and crisp and promising a wonderful fall season ahead. The kiddies were out in all sorts of costumes, although we had reduced traffic in our neighborhood. We didn’t see any truckloads of “imports” like we often do, for one thing. After running out of candy the last few years in a row, we had a surplus this time. (Daughterperson took a bag back to school with her, to share with her posse.)

Day of the DeadFor some reason, though, I wasn’t perky today. Maybe it was a hangover from all the football on the tube. We had friends over, including Nicko and ‘Bastian, two small boys who toured the neighborhood with Jessica and Sonia the Red while blackmailing residents offering tricks and getting treats. I’m sure the dog was cute enough (she wore big fairy wings, after all) that the startled adults gave out more candy than they expected. That, and Nicko was decked out as a very short policeman, handcuffs and all.

No, I’m not sure what got me down. Surely not the Salsa Cruda we munched on as an appetizer. Not the pizza we fixed, either. Yes, I made my famous made-from-scratch pizza dough, and we made two huge round pies: One with pepperoni for the kiddies, and one with extra stuff for the adults. I also made Spaghetti Bolognese, for those who prefer their carbs long and stringy. We carb-loaded to be sure we could last the whole evening of strenuous running walking door-to-door, and lugging around those huge sacks of loot. I don’t think it was a letdown from a sugar high; I rigorously limited myself to two huge handfuls 10 pieces a few bits of chocolate. After all, who can resist Almond Joy? Or Kit Kat? Well, I can if locked up with Nicko’s handcuffs, but no other way. I just didn’t choose to. (What, you mean to lie to me tell me you resisted?)

Whatever it was, I felt like I was in the proper mood for Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Our relatives to the South sure know how to party, let me tell you! And growing up in a region where Spanish is the predominant language, you get to see and participate in this interesting holiday. It’s not like Tomb-Sweeping Day, but does have some of the same sentiments. It’s also not morbid, not the way they carry on. It’s a great excuse for a feast. And the hard-core celebrators carry on for two days. My kind of people, my kind of eating…

Enjoy the (Lively Death Festival) Heat!

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