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NaNoWriMo Update: My First Day of Keyboarding

Cheese Snacks

The Muse bit me hard today. I bit back. While munching on crackers, cheese and dill pickle slices, amongst other tasty and nutritious snacks. (I’d list all the other brain foods I ate, but I’m not going to give you all my secrets without a lot of cash upfront this early.) I found some time to put fingers to keyboard (the modern equivalent of quill pen and parchment) for several hours today, and believe it or not, I actually completed some whole sentences! Paula Jo showed me how to arrange the sentences into these kewl things called paragraphs too; I’m on my way to fame, fortune, and good looks!

The working title of my groundbreaking, magnum opus novel is “The Eleventh of Never.” Of course, it’s science fiction; the only genre for a Real Author. Watch for it coming soon as I swindle some agent into getting my manuscript accepted by Fly-By-Night Publishers, Inc. I’ll keep everybody up to date on how the project’s going, naturally. Well, whenever I can, at least.

Here’s the scorecard so far, as of end-of-typing (EOT) today: Words Today: 12,720 (24.9% complete); Total Words: Ditto. A pretty nifty day’s typing, don’t you think? I believe I’ll be writing far beyond the required 50,000 words this month; I’ll try to get a “realistic stretch goal” estimated for this novel, and I’ll report that too.

Wish me luck! Anyone got any finger liniment?

Enjoy the (Starting Out Rapidly) Heat!


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