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I got started very early this morning, and was on a roll within minutes. Good thing too, because once PJ got going I never got back to the keyboard to produce more fiction. I’d already made my new quota, though (5,500+ words), so I wasn’t too worried. Paula Jo had a list at least a yard long, and it involved all sorts of nasty stuff: Cleaning, putting away boxes, washing dishes. I tried to get her to believe I was unconscious (like the qat above), but she wasn’t going for it.

We relocated the three Muses (Geeter, Spooky, Feliz) to the Library, where they will be banished imprisoned housed for the rest of the month. Other visitors to the Ranch are mildly allergic to mousers, you see. They’re not happy, but they’ll get through it all. Maybe. To hear them tell it, though, group death is imminent.

Then we finished washing clothes and packed for the trip to Boerne. It’s amazing how much stuff we seem to need to take for a two-day trip. Food and other provisions, for both humans and the dog; clothes (and it looks like all the clothes we own); computers (only 1-2 per person); books and boxes of project stuff. We tossed in a few other things, just in case. Then we cajoled Sonia to get in and we took off. We made a short detour by the cleaner’s so I could reclaim my aloha shirts; can’t make a trip of this gravity without a goodly supply of aloha shirts!

I think we’ll manage to get by. If not, there’s a Wal-Mart just a mile away…

Words Today, 5,760; Total Words, 103,920; Completion, 203.8%. Impossopotamus Completion, 63.0%

Enjoy the (Hitting the Road) Heat!

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