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Surgery and NaNoWriMo Word Count Update

Just a quick update on the day’s progress. Mom came through her eye surgery in great shape. She’ll now have better eyesight than me! On the flip side, I got almost nothing done on the novel. Some Internet research, a couple small scene starters; not much else. The Scorecard:

Words Today, 4,010; Total Words, 107,930; Completion, […]

Follies Special Edition: New Dessert Recipe Gives New Meaning to Pick-Me-Up

According to a news report by the Associated Press, students at a cooking school in Bogota have invented the ultimate recipe for hard-core dessert lovers: “Passion Dessert.” Trust me, you’re going to, er, love it. This tasty little item has more than flavor going for it. You see, it’s made with Viagra.

That’s right. The little […]