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Follies Special Edition: New Dessert Recipe Gives New Meaning to Pick-Me-Up

PuddingAccording to a news report by the Associated Press, students at a cooking school in Bogota have invented the ultimate recipe for hard-core dessert lovers: “Passion Dessert.” Trust me, you’re going to, er, love it. This tasty little item has more than flavor going for it. You see, it’s made with Viagra.

That’s right. The little blue pill. The one that everybody’s talking about and nobody’s taking? Yeah, that one.

This concoction combines whipped cream, passion fruit and chocolate into a pudding-like mixture served in a parfait glass and garnished with chocolate. A real girlie kind of thing, if you as me. But then they add some of that ol’ Blue Magic, and suddenly it’s not just for the girls anymore. With this many great palate-teasers, it’ll surely get you coming and going.

Kinda makes you wonder what’s coming next. Cialis cream pie? Levitra lemon crisps? The options have real staying power, if you ask me. (And I’m sure you did; or you would have, if you’d thought of it.) Simply considering your favorite sweet dish, in the light of this new information, should certainly arouse your creativity, at the very least.

Unfortunately, the AP report doesn’t give the complete ingredients list for Passion Dessert. Still, a little experimentation might be worth the effort.

We here at CU have no need of such chemical interventions (besides, Viagra gives me a migraine), so we’re bring this report to you purely as a public service. And no, there’s no need to thank us here at the Chile Underground for arousing your interests this way. Penetrating journalism; just one more annoyance stimulating perk you get for visiting…

Enjoy the (Tantalizing Dessert) Heat!


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