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The Long, Short Road to Lunch in Kerrville

Texas Mountains

Short cuts make for long delays, a stature-challenged (and hairy-toed) individual, Peregrin by name, once opined. After his adventures he was an authority on the subject. I had to take his word for it, of course, up to today at least. All my shortcuts have always worked perfectly. No, really.

Today, however, I finally learned the truth of that old adage. From personal experience.

We were only going to go north to Kerrville for a doctor’s appointment, a simple peek at the newest eye my mom’s sporting after yesterday’s surgery. She now has better eyes than me! She doesn’t even know where her backup pair of glasses are, and she threw all the others away. Not that I’m jealous or anything. It would only be about $8,000 an eye for me to get the same thing done. The doctor wouldn’t let me sign up, though. Something about “Come see me when you grow up, sonny” or something.

But that was later. First, we got on the Interstate and drove out through the countryside. Then we turned off in Comfort and drove through the Real Countryside. It was a pleasant, cool autumn morning, a great day for a drive. And yes, that part of the whole adventure started out well, just like the Hobbit did. We made an early stop, though, to visit my brother at his workplace. Mostly just to kill time, and be neighborly like you’re supposed to in these parts. (Yes, we’re friendly here; just don’t pay any attention to the pistols we’re packing.)

The eye appointment took only a half hour; I was barely settled down to read my book when we were on the road again. Since it was early lunchtime, we headed down Restaurant Row and found a Cracker Barrel. Last I knew, they had grub for sale and consumption, right on the premises. We went in.

I had the National Meal of Texas, chicken-fried steak with cream gravy, stomped taters (with more gravy, of course), green beans and corn. With hot, fresh rolls. And iced tea, of course. The only concession I made to doctor’s orders on diet was to ask for unsweetened tea. (I’m actually on two diets at once. I found out I wasn’t getting enough calories with just one.)

After a leisurely repast, the womenfolk wanted to go shopping. As I was in a mellow mood (full tummy, no clients breaking down my doors) I caved in like a burned out double-wide capitulated was magnanimous and said sure, we could do that. So we toured most of Kerrville looking for the place they wanted to shop. Then we went in. It was quite a trash-and-trinkets kind of place, but what attracted mom and PJ was the fabric and sewing area. They disappeared. For a long time. I considered calling the sheriff to pull together a posse to find them. It was simpler than that, though; I just had to ask a few sales clerks and they found the wayward shoppers.

I managed to carry out their load, in one pass, and I didn’t need a motorized cart or a train of bearers. But it was a close thing. We drove home more smartly than we drove up, as the women couldn’t wait to get to torturing sewing on their new material. I didn’t mind; the slower I drove the more I wanted to fall asleep. I prefer to take my naps horizontally and immobile, so I held off.

After the nap I went back to the keyboard. My own toils and labors were in need of some serious attention. By the end of the day the Scorecard showed:

Words Today, 2,730; Total Words, 110,660; Completion, 217.0%. Impossopotamus Completion, 67.1%. My lowest daily total so far, but acceptable…

Enjoy the (Lazy, Crazy Texas) Heat!

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