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I Now Have a Name for What I'm Attempting in November

Offroad Bike

All this fiction writing during November has left me wondering: What is it I’m doing, really? Besides living in a shack in the boonies with a neurotic Golden Retriever, three aliens in cat suits masquerading as Muses, (four, really; Geeter’s 24 lbs, and that’s really two cats in one fur coat) and a perfectly sane spouse. (She told me I’d better say something nice about her today.) I know I’m working on a Challenge here, but the official requirements are so far back in the rearview mirror it looks like Lubbock, Texas. I completed the challenge almost two weeks ago, in fact; so why continue?

My wife asked me that, once. I must have given her some sort of strange look, as she hasn’t asked again. My answer then was, “Because it’s there, like Mount Everest!” Which makes absolutely no sense in hindsight, but sure seemed logical at the time. Sensical or not, I’m continuing on with the words-all-in-a-row thing, and have even set my sights on 165,000 words this year.

Do you have any idea how ludicrous that amount of text is? Even simply copying and typing that much prose in thirty days is nonsensical. Which probably explains my attachment to this attempt to produce that much fiction, all in one go. I could argue that it’s teaching me lots of things: Perseverence, how to make words flow even when you’re blocked, quickly converting ideas into communication, and more. That’s all true, and completely meretricious. (Use THAT word in your next cocktail conversation, if you can!)

No, it’s the adrenaline. Yes, yours truly, the otherwise staid, sober and solemn (well, two out of three ain’t bad) creative guru behind the most successful Undergound on the Web (that has recipes, I mean), is hooked on the rush. How can that be? Because it’s like off-roading under extreme conditions, trying to write that much prose in a continuous, firehose-delivery manner. It’s endorphin-generating, like endurance running, only without all the pain. (Okay, I’m ignoring multiple finger cramps here, amongst other minor debilitations.)

My only concern is, will I be able to give it up come December 1, or have I become so addicted that I’ll turn into a full-time writer, like Tom Chandler? Inquiring minds want to know…

NaNoWriMo Scorecard for Nov. 20: Today’s Words: 3,200; Total Words: 121,710; Completion: 238.7%; Impossopotamus Completion: 73.8%.

Enjoy the (Extreme Offroad Noveling) Heat!

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