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Zesty Holidays: Queso Dipping Sauce

Cheese Dip

As I noted in an earlier post, everybody loves queso. This time of year, however, most people only eat queso as a dip for chips. I suggest you consider it for your Turkey Day feast, or at least for the football snacks you’ll need during the long weekend of gridiron clashes.

If you make the Velveeta dip, there’s usually a problem. That stuff either gets a thick skin (not good eats), or it all goes so thick you can’t safely dredge a carosnack through it. What you sometimes need is a cheese dip that is more like a sauce; like this one:

Queso Dipping Sauce

You can adjust the additives to make this sauce as zesty or as mild as you prefer. Try adding some corn or rinsed black beans, if you’re using the sauce for chips. Experiment with which kind of beer gives you the taste you enjoy the most! After all, you’ll be trying this one out quite a lot, I think…

NaNoWriMo Challenge Scoreboard for Nov. 21: Words Today, 5,680; Total Words, 127,390; Impossopotamus Completion, 77.2%.

Enjoy the (Zesty Holiday Dipping Sauce) Heat!

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