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Thanksgiving Twist: Curry Fruit Salad

Fruit Plate

I’m cranking on the novels, and I reached a bit of a dead-end. Low blood sugar or something. Happens late in the day, when one has spent the whole day cooped up with felines and pushing keyboard keys. The low blood sugar thing got me to looking for some fruit, which got me to thinking about fruit salad.

Then I remembered a nice recipe I saw just recently; here it is:

Curry Fruit Salad

This stuff looks awesome! Of course, anything with curry powder is going to attract me. And right now, fruit looks like the food of the gods. I’m off to the Ranch House to find me some fruit to kill and skin out…

NaNoWriMo Scorecard for Nov. 22: Words Today, 7,000; Total Words, 134,390; Impossopotamus Completion, 81.5%.

Enjoy the (Surprising Fruit Salad) Heat!

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