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Oops, I Missed; Or, the Big One That Got Away (For Now)

LaughopotamusThis is a story of grief and woe. Contrary to other reports, it has nothing to do with indolence, lethargy or hebetude. (Some people automatically assign the worst motives to others, just because they slept in until 0900, then took a long soak in the hot tub, then went out to lunch, and finished with a nice nap; really, those people have some nerve, they have.) I could claim that I just didn’t feel like antagonizing disturbing my Muse today. Actually, with only 3,000 words to go, I decided to treat myself with a short break. (Yeah, that’s it! A Break!!)

So I only wrote while I was watching Sunday Night Football. Not on TV, we don’t have that out here. On GameCast, which is low enough bandwidth that I can get it here on the Interwebz thingie. (Actually, it’s got low enough throughput requirements that it can be transmitted by smoke signal.) I got a nice batch of words down, some of which even look like sentences. I don’t know about any paragraphs, though. This late in the challenge I’m not worrying about classical structure and such. Random words with occasional punctuation is good enough for me at this point. I figure, how’s the editor gonna earn their keep if I make it all too simple for them by writing intelligently?

Besides, I didn’t use just any old random words; I’m smarter than that! I made sure there were some verbs, and a noun or two, and plenty of adjectives and adverbs. I tossed in a bushel of past participles, just for flavoring. I got a few prepositions in there, somewhere. I almost forgot conjunctions, though; then I remembered Sesame Street and I was right back on track. I think I’ll need to add some pronouns and interjections, once I get to editing. (My father-in-law says I can save everybody a whole lot of grief by starting over; he’s mean that way.)

Still, once I totaled out for the day the Impossopotamus was still laughing at me. Scorecard: Words Today: 1,580; Total Words: 163,550; Completion: 99.1%. I now need just under 1,500 words to meet my personal goal; we’ll see who laughs last…

Enjoy the (Maniacally Laughing Author) Heat!

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