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Impossopotamus is Dead, Long Live Impossopotamus!

Tired Kitty

At 10 P.M. the Impossopotamus officially expired.

That’s when I validated my word count at the National Novel Writing Month. I got 165,904, officially! I worked on two novels in that time. (No, I didn’t finish either one; your point is?) Now all I gotta do is edit it all down to about 80,000 Real Words, then put in the missing bits, and I’ll be a bajillionaire!

After a long nap, first. And I mean a really, really Long Nap. Man, my fingers ache clear up to my shoulder blades! That’s an intense number of words, I think. Next year I’m going for more quality, less quantity. But I wanted to test the upper limit of personal throughput this year; one of the things that frequently-published novelists claim is important. My best output in one day was over 13,000 words, and I had three days (out of 27 that I actually wrote fiction on) with over 12,000 words. My median word count was almost 5,800 words per day. I know I can do it now; that’s the most important part!

Tired Gray Kitty

Okay, I got that. On to the next part, which is, actually getting a full story line. For next year I’m going to go into the thing with a script of some sort. Speaking of scripts, you might consider joining the Office of Letters and Light in April for Script Frenzy. If you get a good script written, you could be ├╝ber-famous, like me. Who knows? Broadway, or Hollywood (or Bollywood), or even your own television series! How cool is that, eh?

Here’s the final body word count: Words Today, 2,354; Total Words, 165,904; Goal Completion, 100.6%. Seems I overshot the target just a bit. Oh well.

In other news, we’re declaring December to be the Month of Feasting Dangerously here at the Chile Underground. I’ll be seeking out unusual and different recipes, including special ethnic fare and some extra-spicy dishes, to help shake up your Holiday parties and celebratory meals. Stay tuned for some Really Neat Stuff, coming to a web browser near you…

Enjoy the (End of Impossopotamus) Heat!

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