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Friday Follies: Maybe the Birth of a McDonalds Adult Beverage (or How You Don't Need to Grow Up, Ever)

In an attempt to catch up on some stuff that’s now only a year old bring you the latest in life-changing, fast-food news, we share with you an article recently shown in the new, improved Slashfood. It seems that a couple of budding young mixologist wannabes have “invented” (I’m sure that word is completely […]

MOED: Tactical Bacon for Your Stocking

The Research Elves at the Chile Underground are sleeping off their latest foray into hallucinogenesis have dug around and found a Most Important Item for you to consider. It’s well within the specific parameters that delineate the wonderful event that is the Month of Eating Dangerously; namely, whatever we say they are.

The item in […]

Friday Follies (Sort Of): “Can I Get Meth With That?”

In a bid to give “fast food” a whole new meaning, a manager at a Sonic drive-in recently cooked up a lot more than an Ex-Long Chili Cheese Coney with Tater Tots. You see, he was also cooking up methamphetamines. On store property, in the restaurant’s equipment. According to the Associated Press,

Police arrived at […]

Fish 4 Friday: Holiday Pepper Shrimp

Shrimp are popular for parties this time of year. You see them on all sorts of snack platters at various functions and celebrations! They make an appearance fried or boiled, peeled or not; with all sorts of sauces, many of them superposable. (That’s the word of the day, just had to get that in […]

MOED: Orange Chicken With Plenty of Heat

The Month of Eating Dangerously continues! Even though cold weather has hit us in central Texas, we’re still using our grills. (We enjoy tennis year-round too; just don’t let any Yankees in on our secret.) Here’s a grilled chicken dish that has just enough punch to make the MOED list:

Smokin’ Hot Orange Chicken

Okay, it’s […]

MOED: Berberi, a Universal Holiday Seasoning

So your Christmas holidays are getting boring these days, eh? You don’t have any food traditions, you just keep eating the same stuff every year. Turkey, check. Ham, ho hum. Green Bean Casserole? Yeah, and even though there’s never any left, it’s still the same ol’ casserole your great-granny used to make and serve.

What […]

Pearl Harbor Day: Remember, and Celebrate

I’d like to pause today, in the middle of the Month of Eating Dangerously, and remember a special group of Americans who served so that we can celebrate in peace this Holiday season. I’m talking about the American soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians in Hawaii who defended against an unprovoked attack, many giving their […]

This Space for Rent: Working Without Really Working

Nothing much to post for you folks today; sorry. I’m working on a big submission that will lead to a major change in my life, though; more on that as I find out the Good News (or the Bad News, depending). Given the paperwork load, I suspect it’ll be a lot like mating elephants…