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Fish 4 Friday: Holiday Pepper Shrimp

Shrimp Pile in a Market

Shrimp are popular for parties this time of year. You see them on all sorts of snack platters at various functions and celebrations! They make an appearance fried or boiled, peeled or not; with all sorts of sauces, many of them superposable. (That’s the word of the day, just had to get that in there.) After about the thirty-seventh social the shrimp all seem about the same: Eaten one megaplatter, eaten them all.

Well, here’s a way to change all that. Holiday Pepper Shrimp is a dish that you simply can’t forget that easily! Its Jamaican heritage, with their penchant for pungency, will guarantee that:

The beauty of this prep is how quick and easy it is! The only difficult part is mincing the chiles. And yes, I strongly recommend using gloves for that step. And face protection, if you’re the kind of cook that sometimes touches a cheek. Or worse yet, an eye. Habañero peppers are among the hottest known, and the amount of capsaicin you can get on your skin from working with them is astounding. Nature’s very own nerve warfare agent! However, the fruity heat of the Habañero is worth it. If you really have to use milder chiles, try Serranos. Jalapeño peppers have a grassy essence that may not match well with the shrimp…

Enjoy the (Jamaican Holiday Shrimp) Heat!

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