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Friday Follies: The Best Jobs in the World (With Beer)

A recent article on the Today page of msnbc.msn.com sure caught my attention. With my darling bride unemployed and consulting in a major swoon globally, I’ve always got my eyes open for a new opportunity. And since I’m no longer interested in boring, nine-to-five gigs, I found the article positively riveting.

It’s about the best […]

The World's Finest Soupfest at the White House

The Occasionally Annual White House Soupfest, Domino Marathon and Bragging Contest made its biggest showing in decades on Saturday. We had folks from far and wide stop by, set a spell and eat. Man, did we eat! Then, when we couldn’t force any more calories down the pipe we broke out the dominoes and […]

Enjoy These Spicy Saltines With Sausage and Cheese

Sometimes you just don’t want a whole meal. You’re not that hungry, or you’re about to go to bed or something. You want to eat a bit, though, maybe what used to be called supper, and you want something that’s flavorful and tasty. Not fattening would be nice too, this time of year.

Have I […]

Happy New Year 2010!

Yes, folks, you’ve made it to a New Year. A new decade, in fact! The Teens. And here you thought you’d never get that experience again. Being a Teenager, I mean. Well, don’t worry; just lie down and the feeling will pass with limited ill effects, I’m sure.

Isn’t it odd how we humans celebrate […]