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Friday Follies: Bacon Wins Again! This Time, It’s Flavored Vodka…

From the “What Will They Think of Next?” desk here at the Chile Underground, a breakthrough pairing of food groups: Alcohol and Bacon. I mean, what with all the fusion cuisines out there, how did this one get overlooked for so long? Answer: It wasn’t. It just wasn’t publicized. More on that later.

Yes, the […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-03-13

McCormick expands recall of some products for salmonella: http://bit.ly/8Z1WML. This recall is getting a bit scary… #
Retail Spices Recalled in Salmonella Pepper Scare http://bit.ly/blus7u. Whole Foods and others involved now; check your shelves… #
A wing and a prayer: really, really hot snacks http://bit.ly/9k0KtY. Hot wings and rock-and-roll in Tulsa, of all places… #
Denver Green Chili, […]

Friday Follies: New York to Ban Salt in Restaurants?

It’s clearly the Silly Season in legislatures around the country and ’round the globe. Bad economic times are driving governments to try the strangest methods for reordering society. A cynical person might even go so far as to say it’s only about getting more money into the government coffers. With the state of our […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-03-12

Either D.C. just got sane, or "there goes the neighborhood:" Chile the new hot item in Washington, D.C. – Las Cruces Sun-News #
It's only 910 calories a serving; or why you shouldn't eat brisket while on a diet: Mister Brisket's Classic Recipe. #
Recipe: Green Chile Soup – San Jose Mercury News http://bit.ly/9rf6cL #
Recipe for stove-top […]

Fish 4 Friday: Sauces Make the Fish

A recent post in Slashfood reminded me I was overdue to visit one of my favorite food websites: The Skinny Chef. This being Lent and all, I’m always looking around for ways to assist those who want their traditional seafood on Friday. However, I’m not that traditional a fella. (I know, it’s a shock; […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-03-10

What's this world coming to? Dogs and cats being eaten together, but maybe not much longer… CNN.com http://bit.ly/8Z8kGn. #
Chef dishes up cheese made from breast milk – TODAY Food and wine http://bit.ly/d3BFnB. (What is it w/ breast milk in the news?) #
Pepper recalled as part of salmonella investigation | The Providence Journal http://bit.ly/9AUfZH. The troubles […]

Public Drunkeness, Breast Milk and Assault: Tell Me Again How That Works, Exactly?

I know, it’s all the fashionable, natural thing to do these days. I’m talking about serving up the perfect meal: Breast feeding your infant. A recent report on FoxNews.com, though, starkly shows the dark side of this trend. The article states that Toni Tramel, a 31-year-old female (I won’t say lady until there’s more […]

Friday Follies: Italy Bans Molecular Gastronomy (and Doesn’t Stop There)

The Italian government is seeking to win the stupid legislature sweepstakes, it appears. They recently passed a law making it illegal to practice molecular gastronomy, according to a recent post in Slashfood.

The law bans certain types of ingredients commonly used in molecular gastronomy. Oh, you don’t know what molecular gastronomy is? Well, it’s an […]