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Fish 4 Friday: Sauces Make the Fish


A recent post in Slashfood reminded me I was overdue to visit one of my favorite food websites: The Skinny Chef. This being Lent and all, I’m always looking around for ways to assist those who want their traditional seafood on Friday. However, I’m not that traditional a fella. (I know, it’s a shock; you’ll get over it.) If you look at the Fish 4 Friday archives, though, you’ll find I enjoy making sauces for fish. It’s not the fish that excites me, let me tell you. Coming up with great flavors to pour over the fish, that’s the compelling part for me.

Apparently I’m not the only one.

The Slashfood post mentioned above shows four great sauces you can use with fish dishes. These sauces are all easy to make, delicious in their own right, and they don’t hide the flavor of your trout or flounder. Kids will even like them with their fish sticks! (Well, okay; maybe, maybe not. But you can try!) Rather than repeat the recipes here, I’d invite you to go to Slashfood and get them. Better yet, stop by The Skinny Chef and look at Even More Recipes. They’re all tasty, I’m sure!

Heck, you might not even notice they’re not fattening…

Enjoy the (Fish Flavor -Boosting Sauces) Heat!

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