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Friday Follies: A Sandwich Too Good to Eat (Safely)


Eat a sandwich, break your jaw.

That’s what one unfortunate diner, Chad Ettmueller by name, got when he attempted to eat his usual “Wicked” sandwich at his favorite Which Wich? outlet. Chad and family were celebrating his son’s second place in a talent show. Chad was especially hungry that evening, having (by his own admission) skipped lunch that day; so he ordered the sandwich with extra meat and cheese.

The sandwich turned out to be so huge that when Chad attempted a bite, he dislocated his jaw. On both sides. A most unusual type of injury, and one that doctors say usually only happens from a solid impact to the mandible. Like, say, in a boxing ring.

At first, the family thought Chad was clowning around. They were all in a cheerful mood, after all. Chad tried to get his jaw back into place by “reversing” the process; that is, he socked himself several times on the chin and cheeks. When that didn’t work, folks began to realize Chad was really in significant distress. That anguish could only be compounded by his hunger, and the sight of his beautiful sandwich sitting on the table, untouched

Chad was rushed to medical help, but apparently said medical help wasn’t in too much of a rush to help him out. He suffered with his locked jaw for fourteen hours before surgery put matters back to (almost) right. I think the medicos were all too busy laughing and taking pictures or something. In any instance, Chad will be spending the next several weeks sipping his sandwiches through a straw.

He’s not bitter, though; Which Wich? will name the sandwich in his honor, and he’ll have a more continuing fame than most Hollywood actors as a consequence. (Shoot, maybe more than most Presidents, for that matter.) I only hope that the chain finds it in their hearts to give him a free (downsized) Wicked once he’s unwired and ready to eat solids again. Maybe they should offer him a free sandwich a week for life, since he’s said he will go against the usual practice in America of suing?

I wonder what ever happened to the original sandwich? Somehow, a doggie bag just doesn’t seem right…

Enjoy the (Food-Induced Injury) Heat!

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7 comments to Friday Follies: A Sandwich Too Good to Eat (Safely)

  • I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually interesting to read. With all the garbage floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like yours instead.

  • Thanks, Rae! I’m glad you enjoy the site. It’s a hobby of mine, and with my passion for food and travel (not to mention the zany antics of people), I always have something to write about.

    Now, if only I had more time, and more kind readers like you…

    The Doctor

  • Hello to all I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

  • im more often than not bumping about the online world most of the time as a result I possess a tendency to peruse a great deal, which unfortunately isn’t usually a good matter as several of the internet sites I visit are composed of useless rubbish copied from various other internet sites a trillion times, nonetheless I have to give you credit this site is in truth readable and also possesses a bit of authentic information, for that reason thanks for breaking up the fad of simply just duplicating other peoples’ blogs and forums, bye for now 🙂

  • Bree, thanks for the kind words. I’ve always tried to be different than the herd. Those other sites are simply trying to get you to stop by, so you’ll see their ads (maybe). I’d rather you had a good experience here, and maybe learn some neat recipes or something…

  • Jenice, I tried both of the RSS icons on my site (after refreshing some theme files). They are both directing to the feed subscription. Both icons are at the upper right of this site; the “Comments” icon near the very top left, and again under “Feed on This!” in the right sidebar. If you still have trouble, drop another note here and I’ll see what else we can try…