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I Hope Your Memorial Weekend is Going Swell...

The answers to your questions are, in order: Yes; No; Maybe. Yes, we’re making progress on getting the house ready. No, we’re not done. (Not even close.) Maybe we’ll make our deadline. (Maybe not.) PJ’s thinking about installing wood flooring in my previous office, where the carpet took fourteen year’s worth of abuse. Oh […]

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Some of you may have wondered where the fine elves who run the Chile Underground may have gotten off to. A few of you (Hi, Mom!) might even be worried. (As for the bill collectors, well; a little angst in their life is good, as far as I’m concerned.) No, we haven’t disappeared. Not […]

Friday Follies: Real Man Alert! Celery Makes Ya Sexy…

Once again, science has made a Major Breakthrough on behalf of Real Men everyhwere, and the Chile Underground brings it to you first. (Well, that is, if you’re a hermit. Otherwise, this is old news; but don’t let that little detail keep you from reading on.) Up to now, the only use Real Men […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Some Lighter Fare for You

Dateline, Lebanon: The Israeli-Lebanese War took another nasty turn yesterday, with an escalation of more than double the previous situation. No, I don’t mean the usual war, with ordinance flying around in large, energetic chunks. This is much more troubling, as it involves food. A group of over 300 Lebanese chefs converted eight tons […]

Friday Follies: Finally, a Real Man’s Decorating Accesory! Presenting: White Castle Burger-Scented Candles!

Photo: NEST Fragrances

Sometimes, cruising foodie sites leads to a Great Discovery for us Real Men. As in the ultimate home decorating acccessory, shown above; a candle that smells like White Castle sliders! Can it get any better than that?

Probably not…

Enjoy the (Great Smelling) Heat!

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May is Barbeque and Grilling Month, so Fire'em Up!

It’s the month that all Real Men suffer through winter for; the month when we get to set fire to things AND play with our food at the same time! We get to explore our inner Cave Man while experimenting with flavors of all sorts: Sweet, tart, salty, vinegary, tongue-scorching and more.

Oh, we tell […]